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detail wbs for building a house

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Hello planner,

One fellow asked me for a WBS for Building a house, so here it is; If anyone has comments or additions, please feel free to provide:

Level 1: 1.House

Level 2:
1.1 Excavation
1.2 Substructure
1.3 Superstructure
1.4 External Works
1.5 Testing and Commissioning

Level 3:
1.1.1 Site Survey
1.1.2 Machine Excavation
1.1.3 Hand tools Excavation

1.2.1 Shuttering Foundation
1.2.2 Reinforcement for Foundation and column necks
1.2.3 Concreting
1.2.4 Fill around Foundation
1.2.5 Blinding under SOG
1.2.4 SOG

1.3.1 Skeleton Works
1.3.2 Finishes Works

Level 4: Reinforce columns Shuttering for columns Concreting for columns Shuttering for Slab Install Ribs (if needed) Reinforce Slab (handover to Engineer) Concrete Slab (Under Engineer supervision) Exterior Wall Cladding Electrical and mechanical 1st fix Interior Wall Cladding Electrical and mechanical 2nd fix Floor Tiling Works False Ceiling Works

The team members must be involved in created the WBS and making sure that all the deliverables are included in it. Depending of what the person that asked the question had in mind they can complete the WBS as per their needs.

Good luck,



Dear Gordan,

Here is a nice roof as requested: Cast concrete pedestals for roof column supports Insulate Roof Test Roof insulation Tile Roof Install water tanks and HVAC machines Install Steel Frame to carry roof Install wood secondary members to carry Roof tiles Install Roof Tiles (per architect & Owner selection) Install Gutters Test Roof Tiles for leakage

Hope it is a good roof,

Have a nice day,

Gordon Blair
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Maybe I’m just hard to please, but I like to have a roof on my house
Dear Anoon,

Yes, in case of a floating house, you will need to remove the foundation and include a raft... The important thing is to have all the deliverable in the WBS.

Have a great day,

Anoon Iimos
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It depends on how big is the house, how complicated it is or how it is designed?

A Client might say: I want a floating house in the middle of the carribean, then your sample WBS will not be applicable.