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S-Curve superimposed in Gant Chart

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Jan Richard Noble
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Hi everybody,

Please can anyone give me idea on how to superimpose the s-curve on the Gant Chart for the P6 version. I am new to P6. I am more familiar with the P3 version.

Thank you and have a good day.


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Chris Rymer
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Check out Project Tracker, new software developed by Willmer Ltd in the UK. S Curves are created directly form P6 without the need of Excel. Further information can be found at
Daniel Limson
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YOu can use excel to superimposed your progress curve to your Gantt Chart.

First you need to convert your Gantt Chart to PDF file and then take a shot (Picture) of your Gantt Chart and copy it to excel file. Now you can superimposed your progress curve by making it transparent. Simple and easy.

Omar Grant
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Hi Andrew. I looked up Milestones Professional on the web - looks interesting! How does it interface with P6? Also does it work with P3? Is there an Australian agent?
Omar Grant
Andrew Dick
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Use Milestones Professional - it works a treat.