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Mark Zagales
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anyone can help me how to compute s-curve(progress work)? let say the time interval is by monthly? :)



Nar Thap
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Can you explain a bit how to devide planned % progress for activities?
Abhishek Sidher
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In order to compute your progress s - curve u need to divide all the activities in a % planned progress for every month firstly. then against that u should fill up the respective actual progress and multiple the actual progress with the weightages assigned in the wbs. adding the respective months planned and actual weighted progress u’ll be able to compute monthly progress.
Mouneer Adel
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Hi there

Could you tell me what software you are using ?

Ronald Romero
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S-curve are the graph that you generate when you sum the cummulative quantities that you generate on a montly basis. Planning wise it is ideal to generate a planned scurve (resouces vs time) be it Manpower and Cost and update it against the montly actual.