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Vinai Maurya
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How to draw Engineering, Ordering, Tendering schedule Curve. What will be the basis for weightage value. How it will be calculated.



Karim Mounir
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u can define a resource called "activity days", this resource will be loaded into each activity, the budgeted qty. for this resource in each activity will be equal to the original duration of the activity.

Now after loading your activities with this resource, u can make a tabular or graphical report that shows the distribution of this resource in a certain WBS level (Engineering, Ordering, Tendering, ..), this will give u the planned s-curve (note that the weight of each stage will depend on the OD of the activities under this WBS level).

After updating your schedule u can make tabular or graphical report that shows u the actual units of each activity which u can use to make a simple s-curve that shows Actual units VS. Planned units (all in terms of activity days resource).

ashraf alawady
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S-Curve should reprsent the excepected cash flow and it has a curve shape.
The actual meaning of the S-curve that the excepected cash flow in the starting of any project will be very small starting from zero and increasing slowly for the starting peroid( approx. 20% of the total contract period)and it will be increased stongly reaching to the peak value within the meddel period of the project( the next 60% of the total duration) and in the final stage(last 20% of the contract duration),the excepected cash will be reduced to reach to the total value of the project(accommulativly).
Zhang Haixiang
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IMO for ordering & tendering no need.
for engineer...