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Top 5 Planning Books

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Peter Holroyd
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If you had to recommend 5 planning books to a new planning starter (other than software manuals) which they should read to cover the basic requirements of our discipline what would they be?


Vishwas Bindigana...
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1. Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling & Controlling, 9th Edition
2. PMP Exam Preparation - Rita Mulcahy
3. APM Body of Knowledge
4. Construction Planning & Scheduling, 2nd Edition
5. Project Planning and Control – by Eur Ing Albet Lester


James Shimmon
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Although this isn’t a book, I came across this website which details a whole host of checks to carry out on a baseline schedule, I have sent this to all my planners and encouraged them to use it while they are building up their schedules.

Ife Olyke
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In my opinion, experience is the best teacher.. You may not have experience as a begineer, but you can certainly learn from other people’s experience... i have a number of planning books, but i haven’t read them as much as i have read the postings on the planning planet website... A forum where planners meet and discuss their experience, tells you what planning in reality entails...good luck in your planning career...

Mehdi Rashidi Ala...
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and this book:
The AMA, Handbook of project management by Paul dinsmore and cabanis
Raviraj Bhedase
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Top 5 Books for construction professional:

1. PMBOK - by PMI

2. Earned Value Management - by PMI

3. Construction Project Management by Richard H. Clough

4. Project Management: A systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling - Harold Kerzner

5. Work Breakdown structure - by PMI


Oliver Melling
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1. APM or PMI body of knowledge is most important.

2. Gary France’s paper, Planning Tips and Tricks on the Planning Engineers Organisation website is okay for a quick read.

3. Project Management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling by Harold Kerzner is supposed to be a good one, but not read it.

4. An industry specific book, such as construction, pharm or IT, depending on what you plan to work on.

5. The Hobbit, J R R Tolkien.
Anoon Iimos
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1. Contract

2. Project Scope

3. Specifications

4. Bill of Quantities

5. Drawings (If any)

make sure you have read all of the above before attempting to create your time schedule