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resource loaded program not matching billing cycle

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vikas agrawal
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Can anybody throw some light on how to match the billing cycle (which is 1 month later usually) with the projected financial progress.


Muhammad Jawad Sh...
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Forget about matching the cashflow generated by QS and the cashflow generated by Primavera by planning engineer using resource loading.
Some projects having hundreds of small BOQ items that cannot be entered in primavera and even I as planning engineer is using hammack activity to assign lumpsum costs for maybe 10 to 15 activities in one time.
Its all matter of experience, work, watch, observe and listen to your Project Manager, thats the key to success of a good planning engineer.
Take care
Muhammad Jawad
vikas agrawal
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pls read BOW as BOQ
vikas agrawal
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i will detail out my question

The BOQ has hundreds of items. But primavera activities do not (and cannot) match those BOQ items. Somehow we manage to estimate the activity cost (budgeted cost) by manually summarizing relevant BOW items. Some error is already built in at this point.

Next, the cost loaded program is scheduled at the end of some month (say data date is end of March). The EV never matches with the amount your company billed till March end.

Of course the reason for this is very clear. Your QS applies his own % complete for item rates and exact spent on direct supplies. To complicate it further secured advances, deduction of mobilization advances, taxes etc etc make everything haywire.

As a result the EV obtained from schedule never matches the bill upto that period.

Hope some experts could throw light on this topic.
Oliver Melling
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I do not understand the question.

Where are you tring to match the cycles?

In a financial report?

The Billing or Receipts profile will not usually match the spend profile.
As you have already stated, it is usually projected to come after the project financial spend in the programme.

The comparison of the two is what gives you the cashflow profile for the project.