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Duration Type for Resource Loading (Water Related Work)

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Shahzad Sikandar
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Hi All

i wonder if somebody can share their experience.

what Duration Type one would use for resource loading (Men, Machinary, Material) in Tender and in Contract Programme.

I am using P6.

much apprecaited

shahzad Sikandar


Rafael Davila
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Construction activities are performed by crews, their composition is to be balanced with the tools and equipment. Allowing the software to change the units/time, which is the composition of your crew, is not a good idea.

Although I use Primavera SureTrak, the P6 equivalent of my preferences should be:

For resources whose total amount is to be determined by duration and units/time select Fixed Duration & Units/Time. These are usually labor (personnel) and Nonlabor (equipment) resources. For resources whose total amount is fixed while units/time is not, select Fixed Duration & Units. These are usually materials resources. The activity’s duration does not change regardless of the number of resources assigned when you modify or update activities. You usually choose these duration types when you are using Task Dependent Activities.

Avoid using percent complete to determine your remaining duration and do not select any option that allows the software to manipulate activity duration.

Best regards,