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Activity on Arrow

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Jaroslava Sedrlova
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Is anyone able to suggest to me a Software that is able to automatically reproduce an ACTIVITY ON ARROW network diagram? I have about 90 activities and it’s hard to make the network by hand.
I have heart something about STORM and QSB+. But I’m not sure about this software.


Andrew Dick
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Greetings Jaroslava,
There is a standard out of the box software package that does arrow diagraming. It also has the best scheduling algorithm I’ve ever used.

It’s called Micro Planner Expert, Web site is here -
You will find the blurb about the product here.

There is a trial version you can download, or simply go through the contact page to make enquiries about purchase.

Contact me if you have any trouble as I’ve had aout 5 years experience with the tool. I can also confirm that it is much quicker to build networks, & therefore project schedules MUCH quicker than products such as P3e and OPP, both of which I have used.