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Resources ... worries..............;))

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Anver Sadiq
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I would like to know, when resources are loaded into the activites there are limitation where we cannot load or may be donot include all the equipments practically used in the exceution of the activity and rather prefer to load the major resources involved; normally due to increased activity count and the time constraint......

1. How can we expect to start up costing on the activities when all the equipments are not included.
The cost of the minor equipments will thus not be included and thus gives us a value lower than the actual cost!

2. On plant & labour projections generated from P3., when actuals from the site varies we have to change the values generated from p3 for reporting purposes although this depends on the efficiency of the plant involved too and sometimes the unexpected circumstances in the sites result in variation in manpower utilizatiton.
i.e. in short we just get a rough idea from projections.
Is this all that we can expect from projections or am i far away from the real idea involved...:-?



Trevor Rabey
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me too. good answer.
Shareef Abdul Azeez
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Nice reply Gary ...................

Gary Whitehead
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The short answer to both questions is that the output from any plan is only as good as the data input. Crap in = crap out.

1. If these uncaptured costs are causing you issues, then that would suggest they are worth the time to enter into the programme. A common tactic is to have a single resource called something like ‘sundry equipment’, which will cover everything not worth capturing individually.

2. actual expenditure will always differ from forecast –if they didn’t, there would be no need to track them. Again, all you can do is apply past experience and intelligence to come up with your best estimate, and drive home to the guys at the coal-face that they are expected to hit these productivity targets. You will still get unexpected occurrences which will cause overspend, but it is the project team’s job to manage them and mitigate their impact.

How accurate your forecasts are relies on a combination of factors, but the big 3 are: effort spent up front in generating the programme, the nature of the project (ie a complex, bespoke project will be harder to forecast accurately than a standard job which has been done many times before), and the industry you’re working in. As a general rule, I aim for +/- 10%.