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Tips for giving Relationships b/w Activties

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Arslan Shahid
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I have TWO QUESTIONS regarding following Activities for Coal Fired Power Porject Deployment Activities:

  1. What Relationships should be given to them?
  2. What are the Tips and Tricks should be kept in mind while giving relationships b/w activities in Primavera (when you know the actual sequence between them).

Activity Name

Pre-Bid Activities

Receipt of Consultancy Proposals(Already completed

Evaluation of Technical Proposal & Approval

Opening of Financial Proposal, Evaluation  & Approval by CSC

Negotiation, approval by BoD, Notification and Award

Mobilization and Commencement of Services

Preparation of  Feasibility Study

Review of Feasibility Study by POE, approval  by BOD

EPC Bidding Activities

Appointment of Consultants (Project Management)

Preparation of PQ documents and approval by BOD

Pre-qualification of EPC Contractor

Preparation of Tender level design and bidding documents

Receipt of EPC Bids (Including pre-bid conference and clarifications)

Bid Evaluation

Negotiation, approval of BoD and Award of EPC Contract

Prequalification of coal supplier, invitation of bids, evaluation of bids and CSA

Tariff approval by NEPRA & Generation License

PPA and IA

Financial close

Design Review and Construction Supervision

Mobilization of the EPC Contractor

Design by EPC Contractor and review/approval by consultants

Construction Plus Erection of Plant

Testing, commissioning  (Incl. Reliability Run) and COD