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Project Controls

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Hi All
I would very much appreciate if you advise me the following about projects controls:
1-Scheduling : what is required for project there a website that I can learn the techniques,or is there an online PRACTICAL course.
2-costing : what is required for project controls.
3-other things?

My experinec in construction as project engineer,I know the management part of Project controls but what is the techniques,Is knowing primavera properly will help,and what is the best way to learn primavera,is there an online course,or best book that link the primavera to practical applications rather than the manual and some elaborations.
I would appreciate your advise.


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Thanks David,I opened the APE web and under education there is 5 modules,do you mean I have to go thru module 4 and 5, and by the way I am in Canada,do they give on line course,how much practical are those courses,I already have Masters in Construction management and really need practical stuff.whats your advise.

David Watters
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Yep. There is an NVQ Level 5 course you can take in Project Contol. Roughly equivilant to an A Level.Forget any Project Management Course you may see as they only skim over the surface. These is also another websire for Project Controls Engineers - The Association of Planning Engineers. If you use google you should be able to find it pretty quickly. Other than that, there is pretty scarce info out there for learning Project Control in its true form. I cut my teeth on EPC contracting by making mistakes and keeping my eyes open.
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You can find many things about project control in this website.

Best Regards