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Chartered Project Controls Engineer

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Salman Ahmed
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Is there any Institute or Organisation which give or trains Planners to be a "Chartered Planning Engineer"



Annastacia Gabale...
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I recently joined and it is good to read your comments especially on the above topic.

Don't have much experience in planning and I'm very eager to learn.

And all your advises and information are very helpful.


Thanks a lot.


Evaristus Ujam
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Dear Salman ,

PP as the largest network of planners, the world over has what it takes to certify you and give you the expected charter. Am aware that most robust engineers from my locality  are all chartered Engineers. Becoming a chartered Planning Engineer is however a different ball game. You will need to attend a good engineering school  and have a flair for planning using appropriate software,  after which you may turn in your credentials  to GPPCD for appropriate recognition either at coporate membership level or Fellowship level. If you cross any of these bridges, you will be addressed as  Charterd Planning Engineer, given that you have demonstrated the required level of competency attainable within the standards set by  the  International Guilds of Project Planning,Controls and Delivery. This is one reason why you  must continue to strive to maintain your membership this body so as to contribute effectively to its growth and development.

Warmest Regards


Gary Whitehead
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Yes, this is progressing. Matthew Edwards is leading.
-See PP Acreditation thread in this forum.
Marian Anyameluhor
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Hi Gary,

Will there be a move by the Planning plannet team to develop a separate accreditation for Planning or programme controls in its own right?
Gary Whitehead
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In UK, "Chartered" means registered with The Engineering Council. Gaining Chartered Engineer status requires a masters degree / several years of expereience, a thorough record of work performed, peer review, etc.

The Engineering Council does not recognise Planning or Project Controls as an engineering discipline.


Samer Zawaydeh
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Dear Salman,

Since you are in KSA, then you can search for Training Courses given by Projacs and CMCS. Usually they give courses that train people to take the PMI-SP and PSP Certification.

With kind regards,

Rodel Marasigan
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Yes so many like PMI, AAPM, AACIE... etc... Google it and you find different country providing training and get certified. Below link is one of them
Chartered Planning Engineer