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Change of Direction

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Mike Testro
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Last month I celebrated my 75th birthday.

No I am not retiring but I am contemplating a change of direction.

In future I will not be completing the entire commission myself but will act as strategist and guide and let others do the work under my control and supervision.

For selected new commissions I will suggest the required strategy and set up the support team who will report regularly on progress. I will then write up the final report.

If a client has his own staff who wish to learn my methods then they can be taken on board for the commission.


Alexandre Faulx-B...
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Hi Mike,

I am "only" 68, working by myself for the last 30 years or so as a software instructor.

I remember you introduced me at Astadev in 2004, and I am working again with them on PP 15 or 16.

I am considering continue to work, travel and train people on scheduling software until I cannot walk or speak.

And I will have the same interest in reading PPlanet posts!



Mike Testro
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Hi Danya

It's an old picture. You wouln't want to see the decrepid state that i am in today.

Distance is no problem - if you need advice we can make contact. Best through LinkeIn though.

Best regards Mike Testro

Danya Pearce
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You certainly look younger than your do you do it? 

Would love to be mentored by someone like you, although I am in Australia .....

walid khalil
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happy life for you, this is a good vision for future