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Project Delivery to Planning career change

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Phil Bee
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Hi All,

I am currently moving from a Site Management role to Project Planning and was looking for some good advice on the training required to enable me to be attractive for future employers. I am proficient in MS Project but P6 seems to be the preferred tool these days, any comments will be greatly appreciated.


Muhammad Zeeshan ...
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You need to understand the concept of project planning first before you use any software

I will recommend you to buy Rita PMP fast track and understand Project Management.

After do Excel and Access training you can do online throught and some free videos on Youtube.

Than start learning Primavera ...

Good luck and Well come  iN Planning Team

Phil Bee
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Thank you Guys,

That is very helpful, I will be working furiously towards this...!

Phil Bee

Dieter Wambach
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Hi Phil

Planning is a profession. As a site manager you are expert for construction, commissioning and start-up. Maybe you'll need: Engineering, procurement, and basics in project costing, contractual work, and project communications. Don't be afraid, with your basis this should be easy to learn. 

Which software you'll need will depend on customer, country, branch.

As a planner you'll be an assistant to the project manager and in general be the communication centre of the project team.

In my opinion this is one of the most interesting roles related to projects. I like it.

Good luck for your future


Mike Testro
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Hi Phil

Use your experience as a site manager to create your programmes.

Start from the beginning and work your way along the project.

Use relatively small tasks that will allow one trade to work in one location.

Use only finish start links.

Keep it simple.

MSP is fine but lightweight - P6 is the most popular but not the best.

If you have a choice then try Asta PowerProject - 30 day free trial period - its the cheapest and the best.

And if you want some hands on practical training then go to

Best regards

Mike Testro