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Actuals remain at zero when activity started and a perecnt complete applied.

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David Ball
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When an activity is Started and a Physical % applied (eg 80%), I F9, and the Actual Labor Units remain at zero.

When I look in the Resources tab of the Activity Details window the Units % Complete is also zero. If I manually adjust the Units % Complete the Actual Labor Units then adjust correctly.

My settings are:

Act Type: Task Dependent

Dur Type: Fixed Duration & Units

% Complete Type: Physical

What other settings would be likely tyo be causing this problem?


Thanks very much



Zoltan Palffy
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yeah I think I said that but there is mote to that than just that other setting to adjust 

Kannan CP
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Hi David,

try updating the duration percent, it will drive the actual untis to change automatically.

If the setting is physical percent, always you have to manually input the actual values.



Zoltan Palffy
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at the project level make sure that you project is open and highlighted

on the calculations tab make sure that on the right under resource assignments that when updating actual units or costs that Subtract Actual from at completion is checked

make sure that re-calculate actual units and cost when duration % complete changes 

make sure that Link actual and actual this period units and costs is checked 

The problem here is that you are using physical % complete and updating actuals is based on duration % complete

you have 3 options 

option #1 change the % complete type to Duration

option #2 run a global change 

where Physical % complete is not equal to 0

then Duration % Complete = Physical % complete

Then on the right select Change 

Then in the lower right select Commit Changes

option #3 update them manually as you are doing now