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Activity duration changed

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Hamid Tavassoli
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Hi Friends

I Have a big issues, actually our activities' duration in the P6 under network is changed when we import our subcontractors updated time schedule.

The funny point is that the file in the P6 stand alone doesn't have any problems and all durations are correct, that's why, we must import our subcontractor's updated time schedule in the standalone version.

the calendar assumption for both are:

1- 7 working days with 10 hours per day working

2- Admin Preference sets for 8 hours per day 

 Please help us because we need to work P6 under network with all project planning team. The big problem is that immediately after import the subcontractor's updated time schedule , duration of all projects in the EPS changed that is disaster.

Thanks for your kind attention.





Zoltan Palffy
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under Admin preferences the Time Period tab make sure that Allow users to specify the number of work hours for each time period is checked.

it looks like what you have listed are conflicting you are working 10 hours per day but your preferences are set or 8 hours per day.

Santosh Bhat
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In the Common database, Under Admin Preferences, is the option "Use assigned Calendar to specifiy the number of work hours for each time period" ticked, or unticked?