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Ron Beechey
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I am using a stand alone version of P6 and have run into an issue with Baselines

I create a baseline for each week to show variance for the work that was planned to be completed that week.   I have just recieved a notice that I have reached the max number of Baselines for the project.  I deleted a few older ones and then created a new one for the current week.   In looking at the variance column for this week I expect to see zero variance and much to my surprise the numbers were from -60days to plus 30 days.  there were a few that were zero but not many.  

Anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it.  


Ron Beechey
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Thanks for the info 

I am exporting the project and then opening to see if it rids me of the bad dates

Zoltan Palffy
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go to admin Prefernces 

then Data limits 

then change the Maximum baslines per project to whatever number that you want. 

You can also change the number of Maximum baselines coped with project to whtaever you want. 

Rafael Davila
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When resource leveling a small schedule variance of an activity can become a cause for substantial rearrangements in the project network, it can change critical path or order of activities.

Out of sequence progress can have a similar effect.