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Baseline has a baseline??

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Natalie Wann
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It seems as though my baseline project has a 'memory' and is storing dates (which are visible when showing BL columns and bars) yet there is no 'secondary baseline' attached...?



I was asked to rebaseline the current as-built programme due to changes.

I took the as-built programme (1) and made a copy (2) and extended dates so as to reflect changes in project. I then made a copy of these new dates (3) moved the data date and progressed activities and this became my new as-built programme. I attached (2) as the baseline to (3)


However when I come to running planned value numbers from the new baseline the data was incorrect in 2 ways:

- If an activity started 3 months ago but has only 5% of units earned I would expect the remaining 95% of budgeted units to spread from data date to the finish date. What is actually happening is that the programme is linear spreading the units from start date, week by week, so that even though it reads 5% it is actually planning to be around around 70% by data date...?

- Even though the finish date on an activity date is 30 March, the planned resource is stopping at 05 March. On further investigation it seems the baseline 'has its own baseline', even though this should be impossible, which has a finish date of 5 march and this is why the resources are stopping at this date. However I am completely unable to 'clear the memory'


Any advice would be very helpful!!!!