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Baseline of a Baseline

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Mark Chapman
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In P5, I have uncoupled my baseline only to find the baseline has a baseline which is different from the baseline plan. I go to Assign/Maintain Baselines and no baseline defined. I then go to summary tab/display dates and there are baseline dates which differ from the planned dates. So where is this baseline stored? Can I purge it?


Oliver Melling
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On the theme of baselines,

if you agree with the client that the current plan will become the new baseline and it already has performance on it, do you have to do a global change to make the actual/current dates = the planned dates?

Which dates in the baseline does primavera look at for EV?


David Kelly
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In P5/6 there is ALWAYS a baseline. This because "earned value" can only come from a baseline.

If you unassign all the baselines you have made, then "current project" will be set as the baseline and a baseline bar will still be seen.

All you can do is suppress the baseline bars from showing in the barchart.