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Remaining Units not calculating - why?

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Gavin MacLeod
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I'm back using P6 after a few years off and have been tasked with creating a resource histogram that shows the remaining hours.

Each time I run the report it is showing me the remaining actual units and not the remaining to earn.


Budget = 240, % Comp = 95%, Actuals = 210, Earned = 228

When I run the report it should tell me I have 12 hrs left remaining, however it says I have 30 hrs left.

I have my activities set up as Task Dependant, Fixed Duration & Units & Physical % Complete.

Any ideas?


Many thanks,



Zoltan Palffy
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are you updating remaining duration ?

what calculation are you using for earned value  ?

this is under

Admin Preferences

then the Earned Value Tab.

Technique for  computing Estimate to Compete (ETC) 

and  at the bottom Earned value calculation should be Earned value with current dates