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Primavera P6 - Reader

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Nilkamal Parikh
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Hi everyone,

I have one quick question to see your opinion with Primavera P6 reader. 

I am working for a small size company and we don't have lot of P6 users/licences. Some of our project engineers are using MS Project for planning but with our new project award, we are wanting to P6. We are planning to purchase Primavera P6 reader for site staff which will allow them to review the P6 program in full depth and use whatever filter, group&sort, layouts they want to use. 

Anyone here have experience using P6 reader and can comment its suitability and benifits will be much appreciated.






vishal pawar
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Pls send PPT / Guidline book of Primavera P6 for beginner.


Joel Roberts
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Hi Nilkamal,

A solution for your needs would be ScheduleReader. It's viewer (reader) for XER, XML , XLS schedules. 


- Standard P6 views, Trace Logic, WBS.

- Track Project Progress - Baselines, Financial Periods, Assigments View.

- Collaborate - Progress Update, Share Reports, Share Layouts.

- Groups, Filters, Custom Layouts.

- Reports and Dashboards - DCMA 14-point Schedule Assessment.

- Project Control, fast schedule load, 1/8 of the Primavera P6 price.

Should definitely check it out. 


Zoltan Palffy
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I think that for waht you want to do that it will be sufficient