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Working with different layouts in ScheduleReader

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Joel Roberts
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Can I work with different layouts? Question answered:

In ScheduleReader, you can use different layouts to group and sort data, customize tables’ columns, use filters and find options to get the information you need.

You can even import custom-made layouts as .plf file format. These layouts bring the information on applied grouping, sorting and user-defined filters within their structure. This can be useful as it leads to aligned working in the same Activity View among the whole company or project team.

You can also modify your default layouts, create your custom ones, save them within the application and re-use them in different project plans.

Additional customization options are available as you can add/remove columns, change their order, size and sort in any particular view when working in the application.

In order to suit all project environment needs, ScheduleReader offers flexibility and broad customization options to every user so that he can work with his preferred layout.

The view in the layouts can be modified to be as simple as possible, showing only predecessors and successors activities for a certain activity, hiding all other features, or simply showing the Gantt chart or Activities lists across the entire monitor.

This approach ensures ScheduleReader is simple to use even for the most basic user who currently receives schedules in a pdf file.


Joel Roberts
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Yes,  there is a bar formatting feature in Schedule Reader (Activities -> Format -> Bars).
All those settings are automatically saved (per layout), so they are shown every time the user chooses the particular layout.

Edit; ScheduleReader™ (previously PrimaveraReader™) has been rebranded, please see

Clifford Smith
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This is very useful. Is there a way for it to also remember the bar chart formatting?