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Skyline Chart

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Jithin Kambhikanam
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Hi Everyone,


Could anyone explain us about Skyline Chart. Can it be derived from P6. What is the use of it and how to prepare it. when to prepare it.





jun liu
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before i worked on one fpso project, i issued one skyline chart for MC by subsystem using VBA, if you interest, i can send you.

Jithin Kambhikanam
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Hi Patrick,


Thanks. I do not have any idea about Skyline and even in Google I couldnt find anything much. I got to find this in one of the Clients document in Construction and System Completion Section. This was listed in there Tracking and Controling section.


I am not even sure if that is even related to Project Control. One of the manager asked me if I do know about it.




Patrick Weaver
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A 'Skyline Chart' is just a silly name invented by people who don't know better for a stacked histogram, or more likely a confusing name invented by an 'expert' to con more fees out of people who don't know better - they've been around since 1865. 

If the chart is developed manually or in a graphics tool you can add a lot of extra data to the vertical sections of the bars but this is not generally feasible from within scheduling tools. One example I used in the 1980s is on page 12 of the paper at: (but we never called these 'skyline charts' they were just quick ways to draw a PDM schedule.