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An application event has been intercepted event code CNASF-2717-D

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Vinit Thole
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Hi Everyone,

Can anyone please help in providing solution for above Event Code in P6?

The above event code occured with I was Maintaining Baseline., Could not do any further assignment. Please help.


Thanks in advance.



Zoltan Palffy
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it appears that you ahve reached your 4 gb limit. This issue can be caused when you have reached the maximum database limit.  The database limit with SQL Server Express 2005 is 4 GB

You can shirnk the database and the file and you can deleted some of your older projects. Before you delete them make xer files so you can access them later if need be. 

to shrink the database

Go to Start Programs Microsoft SQL server 2005, SQL Management Express Studio

the sever name is the name of the computer \Primavera

Authentication is SQL Server Authentication

User name is sa

password is Prima123Vera then click connect

Expand the databases highlight pmdb$primavera

rigth click and select Task

then shrink 

then database