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Project level coding, views lost on copying project

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James Barnes
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using P6.7, the issue is this; We keep project level coding discipline because we are too big a team working on too many diverse projects to all be using global codes. Plus the bulk of our coding comes out of a prep system that overlaps its coding between projects. This works up to the point that we want to copy a project off somewhere for another use eg;


Work in a reflection

Move a project to the archive DB

create a back-up

Copy a "standard" project framework for a new job


then all project level view / filter / report reference information is lost. I am aware that this is happening because each code has a unique reference (I can see it in the SDK dumps) but for some reason P6 is not updating its internal references (ie project activity codes in project level filters and views) to maintain the crosslinks. I have considered switching to EPS level but this will not completely solve my problem and EPS is not suitable for everything (some of my codes *must* be unique to the project)


I can imagine a workround search/replace the codes in exported .plf files but oh my what a pita. maybe there is an app for that?

I can also imagine that this may have been fixed in later versions of P6 (anyone?)

some other idea that I am missing?


many thanks




Zoltan Palffy
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the problem is that several projects can have the same code such as Responsibility. This is a common code used on several projects. What I do to distinguish this code in a certain project I will modify the code and put my iniitial after it or the abbreviation of the project after it so that it becomes unique.

James Barnes
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An example is this. I have a plan with 100% project level activity coding (no EPS or global codes) and project level layouts with embedded Layout level filters referencing the activity codes as well as group and sort by these project level activity codes. I also have project embedded reports with references and filters

if I copy / paste this plan (plain old CTRL C, CTRL V) or export it and import to a new plan to the same or a different EPS branch (or into a different DB) all of the references to project level coding in filters, group/sort and reports are now blank in the "new" plan. they are existing in the original. The codes themselves are still there but any references to them in the filters etc are gone. create reflection also has the same effect.


I am assuming that the code callouts in the filters etc are not mapped across to the new code IDs in the "new" plan (my comment about SDK is that if I make an export of the code library using the SDK, I can see a read only column that contains a 5 figure number unique to each code header, I assume it is these references that are not being mapped to the revised ones when the plan is pasted)




Dieter Wambach
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Hi James

If you use Primavera "Copy" this should work if you'll mark "Activity Codes", in XER as well. SDK I have no experience, but I assume you'll have to create an extra SDK command for the codes.

Can you explain the steps how you proceed.

Good luck!