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Query on Task Split (Necking)

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Stanley Neville
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Hi guys,

How can I not show a task being splitted when the task is not progressing on schedule in MS project 2016? I used to use Primavera 3.1 and there was an option to remove this "necking". However, I can't seems to find this option in MS project 2016.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Tom Boyle
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Hi Stanley,

I'm editing this to show the best workaround.  Right-click on an empty part of the Gantt Chart graphic and open the Bar Styles list.  Then do the following:

1. Select the bar style to remove the split from (e.g. "Task", "Critical").  Change the "To" column for that style from "Task Finish" to "Early Finish".

2. Select the corresponding split bar style (e.g. "Split", "Critical Split") and either delete it altogether (using the Cut Row button) or Cut/Paste it to a position above the corresponding task bar style on the list.

To avoid corrupting the default views, immediately save as a new view.

[Old, wrong answer. As a workaround, you could try re-formatting the normal and critical split bar styles to the same as the task bar styles - this de-emphasizes the split without completely hiding it.]

In the absence of resource assignments, then you would do well to eliminate the splits altogether.

Good luck, tom