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how can define a task that last from start of project to finish of project??

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Shima Zabetian
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Hi, guys

I'm not good at MSP software.

how can define a task that last from start of project to finish of project??

I know that in p6, we can change the activity type to Level Of Effort, but What about MSP, how can I define this activity??





Tom Boyle
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The paste-links seem a bit more robust in newer versions than they were in 2003, but it's still a patchwork approach.  Past experience mostly cured me of my desire for hammocks in MSP.  Now on the few occasions I can't do without, I use alternate methods that don't give me a big headache....

David Manna
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I agree with Mike. This sounds like the best solution. I am still learning to use MSP and this forum will definitely help. 

Alexandre Faulx-B...
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Hello Gary,

no, there is no cleaner / clever way in MSP 2007 / 2010 to build a hammock task; the way you've described is the only wy to do that


Gary Whitehead
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1) Set up & logically link normal start & finish milestones for the start and finish of your project.

2) Copy the Start field of your start milestone, then right click on the start field of your "level of effort" task, choose paste special > paste link

3) Do the same with the finish date from your finish milestone

4) Put something in the notes column explaining what you did, as the start & finish milestones won't register as predecessors of the "level of effort" task



This is For MSP 2003. There may be a cleaner way in later versions.


Mike Testro
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Hi Shima

Create a summary bar over all the tasks and label it your task long activity.

Best regards

Mike Testro