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How to create statis baseline start and finish date columns that won't change

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Ross Jackson
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I have a plan which has actual start and finish date columns based on predecessors and successors. Since a project may run for a few years I wanted to add baseline start and finish date columns so user can easily spot delays, shifts in timing. This should be easy, but haven't worked out how to do it. I tried just copy paste the actuals into the baseline columns. However they are then linked to the predecessors and successors and change along with the actuals. Is there a way just to copy the values as static dates, or a better way to do this? Please note I'm relatively new to project and couldn't find solution in online help/books.

Many thanks, Ross


Jaimin Shah
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The standard practice is to save baseline after your schedule is perfect, before puting any actual.

Then u can update actuals and monitor the difference between plan v/s actual.

After the completion of project upto some %ge, u fill that there are noticable changes, which need to be edited in plan itself (like addition of scope or like modification / revision / rework), than you can copy paste actuals as baseline2 with neccessory additions.

Save baseline2 and than again start putting actuals. Monitor plan v/s actuals again...