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Task duration depends on other task

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M Rooseboom
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I am using MS Project 2000 and am trying the following:

I have a task and I want to plan it based upon the duration of another task (testwork for example).

So task 1 takes 100 hours and task 2 takes 25% of task 1 (so 25 hours in this case)...

..I could first calculate it but when I change the first number I have to change it everywhere in the planning.. this possible?



Ed van der Tak
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Beste M, Dear M,

Altough were dutch, i will answer this in english. Best way to solve this problem is probably to set up a structure in which codes identify the related activities. In this way you can, after modifications to the schedule, run a macro to adjust related durations.

Its not a common solution but were both seeking new and creative alternatives, I guess!


Ed van der Tak
Aram Planning Consultants
The Netherlands
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I am faily certain that the function you are looking for is not an inbuilt function of Microsoft Project 2000.

You could probably achieve something with a couple of milestones driven by successors with %lags and span them with a parent activity, but it would not be very elagant.


Paul E Harris
Eastwood Harris Pty Ltd