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Tips on using this forum..

(1) Explain your problem, don't simply post "This isn't working". What were you doing when you faced the problem? What have you tried to resolve - did you look for a solution using "Search" ? Has it happened just once or several times?

(2) It's also good to get feedback when a solution is found, return to the original post to explain how it was resolved so that more people can also use the results.


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Mike Testro
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Hi Admin

It's time we had a "Like" box to tick on a post.

Best regards

Mike T.


Hi All,

As Rafael stated the LIKE or UNLIKE function doesnt appear to have much value here.  We had a button years ago for this but people commented that it as not practical.  

Hope tihs helps.


Anoon Iimos
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Why this site is still not secure? And there is an option to subscribe PP Premium. 

Perhaps the beauty of Independence and Dissent are unexplainable.

So what's really the meaning of "Like" or "Unlike"? Only to represent Quantity? 

For Example: If someone simply post: Planning is Beautiful. Will you like or unlike it? 

Rafael Davila
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LIKE count has no meaning if there is no UNLIKE count. 

  • Why not UNLIKE only? - Maybe not, but it should make the case of why I UNLIKE the idea. 
  • Why not VIEWS count?