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Hide Progressed Tasks

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Craig Adams
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Joined: 11 Oct 2006
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Hello Fello Astrall travellers,

Firstly, how come I’m the only one posting questions of late has everyone else worked out everything and I’m the only dumb arse left???

Well regardless, must be slow or something, my question is about the hide if task progressed. Brilliant tool and works a treat, but then can’t seem to switch it off.

Unselected - no luck

Refreshed view (with unselcted of course) - no luck

Closed Asta and re-started - no cigar

Shook monitor and tapped with hammer - still no cigar!

Is there a secret button that one has to turn off? Tried support - they ignored the question.

Oh wise ones of the cyber world please enlighten.

Kind regards,

craig Adams


Craig Adams
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Joined: 11 Oct 2006
Posts: 71
Hello Mike,

It’s "Hide pregressed sections when filter applied" it’s in the filter properties.

I found the solution. The issue was I’d selected hide progressed tasks when I created a filter. This apparently then ticked the "Uncompleted" box in the Progress section of the format bar.

When I switched off the filter I expected to see my completed work again, not the case.

You have to untick "Uncompleted", it doesn’t untick itself.

Kind regards,

Craig Adams
Mike Testro
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Hi Craig

I assume you are using the toggle buttons in:

Format > Barchart > Progress > Drawing

With three Options

All Completed Uncompleted

You mention "hide if task progressed" I have not been able to find this particular function - even in the "hide marked items" format.

Let me know where you found it.

Best regards

Mike Testro