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Power Project Version 10

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Konstantinos Pars...
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Hi there! Has anyone upgraded to version 10 yet? It seems that it takes a long time for the software to load. I am using Vista and it certainly takes around 2 minutes! Version 9 was quite faster! Anyone else having this problem?


Mike Testro
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Hi All

I have been using v 10 for some time and have not yet explored all the changes.

I do like the border embed facility and the hide activity buton.

I hate the auto report pop up when I forget to disable it and I am a bit wary of how the copy paste facility now works in the spreadsheet section.

And it hasn’t crashed on me yet!

Best regards

Mike T.
Roger Thomas
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I upgraded to version 10 some weeks ago and had no problems.
Tom Howard
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Its loading fine on windows xp pro - same as v.9

I did have a problem with the icons though...