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Gavin Clegg
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A quick Planning Planet poll for all the paid up members/users of power project including the full ASTA support. QUESTION Have you received your updated CD for Version 8 ? If so, have you any views on the changes ? Following a half day seminar on the new V8 recently - I was impressed with the Histogram Reports (At last these are seperate !!! from Project View) Regards Gavin


Andrew Pearce
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Another usefull function in Version 8 is the ability to add details to chart views in the same way as charts.

I find this of value when printing programmes using a filter accross several charts. You can then set up your border file to include view data instaed of chart data.
Graham Shepherd
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I would appreciate a copy of the course notes if possible, we have just received version 8 and i would like to read them before i update.

Many Thanks

Graham Shepherd
Gavin Clegg
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The main improvements from the seminar course notes are :

1. Buffer Tasks - V.useful for monitoring progress on potentially critical activities

2. Histograms - Completely re-written - viewed and printed on their own and exports to excel

3. Tabluar Reports - this replaces the un-friendly Report Wizard in V7 that produced Cristal Reports layout.

4. Hyperlinks in projects - can link word/excel/pdf files etc.. from your project

5. Page Breaks - AT LAST even more user-friendly to produce a readable project. Important for client.

6. Zoom in print preview

7. Change Report Lines in Bar Chart View - only small change but useful

8. Grid Lines - allows the user to generate own gridlines

9. Shading - Good for highlighting environmental issues / tidal issues on programmes (Bird Nesting seasons etc...)

10. V8 Licensing - Good for large organisations with multi-users

11. EXTRA Features - Loads MORE>>>>>>

Also - not in the notes. They have removed the CLOSE PROJECT on the FILE Menu and changed it to CLOSE. This may confuse the V7 users initially but it seemed to make sense during the seminar.

If you require a copy of course notes drop me an e-mail.

I have just read the ASTA Powerlines - I will try and attend - depends on work committments.

V8 should improve how the programmes can be viewed/printed off etc..
David Bordoli
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We have got ours and are waiting for the IT guys to install it. I missed the half-day sessions but caught up[ with most of the changes by using Beta-test and at the User-Group meetings.

Some real innovative stuff in there. Planning purists may not like the ’Buffer Activity’ but I suspect it will become a most sought after feature and other software will end up copying it.

Our IT guys are looking forward to the new licencing part of the sotware. They had hoped that this would have come with the initial release of v8 but Asta say they are making sure it is absolutely robust before letting it loose.

Have you heard about the proposed National User Group Forum in November? Should be good opportunity to see what is happening with the new features and how v8 has bedded down.