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Project Manager, Synthotech Ltd, Synthotech Product Portfolio

START Date: 
October, 2014

Enployed as a Project Manager and responsible for the portfolio of products in development for the gas industry. The projects vary in complexity and time frames. With projects ranging in duration from 3 months to 3 years. I have overall budget responsibility in conjuction with the Innovations Director.

The company has grown from 20 to 50 people in the last year and flexible project managment processes and practices have been implemented as the company's business practices mature.

Sprint planning has been used within waterfall schedules when appropriate, to provide a framework for new technlogy development. This is particulary applicable when there are many unknowns and technology risks. The sprint planning allows critical scope to be maintained whilst providing opportunities to provide additional features when time allows. Critical path methodology and analysis has been used to track progress with our customers who have a mature PMO

Registers for Risks, Opportunities, Issues, Dependencies, Assumption and a Record of Decisions are maintained for the larger projects. Cut down versions of these registers are used for our shorter term projects (generally less than 6 months) 

Managing the input s to and the outputs from the governance group. Managing internal conflicts of interest during this review and approvals process. Developing a clear strategic direction for assessing proposed project work.

Creat and maintain detailed MSP 2013 plans. Developing capability to use Project Online to manage project approval stage and resourcing. And providing 'what if' scenarios for new project work or project variations/ change to scope.

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