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Area Planning Manager, Transnet Port Terminal, 1. Road Rehabiliation project; 2. Truck staging; 3. 3rd Tipple installation - RBY; 4. Additional Tippler Installation - SLD; 5. Canteen Construction - Maydon Wharf; 7. PE Manganese Refurbishment Pahse 1;

START Date: 
January, 2015

Project Scope and Time Management

 Utilising Project Life-Cycle Project (PLP) and the integrated Capital Projects Assurance Framework (ICPAF) to:

- Collect requirements

- Identify business needs and reqwuirements

- Determining durations

- Determining Resources

- Creating Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) and Cost Breakdown Structures (CBS)

- Acquire scope freeze date approval

- Sequencing and linking activities

- Creating project schedule

- Performing Critical Path Analysis, including resource loading and smooting.

Project Human Resource Management

- Managing the team of seven (7) project planners, a lead project planner, four (4) document controllers and a lead document controller.

- interacting and servicing fifteen (15) project managers, seven (7) Senior Project Managers and three (3) Senior execution managers

- developing and maintaining performance scorecards and developmental plans

Project Cost Management

- Compiling, reviewing and issuing latest estimates (cash flow forecasts). per project

- compilation and issuing of management reports

- tracking and monitoring of cost and schedule performance using Earned Value Management (EVM)

- Assist in compilation of capitalprojects budget

Project Communication Management

- compiling and issuing executive CAPEX reports

- custodian of planning tools, systems and techniques (SAP PS; EPM; MSP, Document Management System/ShrePoint)

Project Procurement Management

- Create requisitions

- follow up on requisitions

- esnure that invoices are correct as per purchase orders

Project Risk Management

- Part of portfolio team that is tasked to identify risks.

- Attend the session for compiling project risk register.

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management): 
Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):