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Planning Assistant, Zakum Development Company (ZADCO), Site Major Works

START Date: 
August, 2008
  • Site Major Works Support and Execution assistance


  • Follow-up with concerned and compile the schedule, execution plans, manpower histograms and documents with proper indexed storage in consultation with Departmental Engineers.
  • Assist in  Integration of various major activities, projects and major refurbishment campaigns, plans and execution schedules against timeline and location details.
  • Collate and prepare consolidated project and campaigns activities plan incorporating site support activities to have an overall duration and sequence in consultation with direct Supr.
  • Follow-up and interact periodically with Departmental engineers, Projects Departments, Business Units, Operation and maintenance Support and contractors / consultants to identify and update changes to their plans, schedules and document updates.
  • Prepare and submit weekly a consolidated report of upcoming and ongoing site project and campaign activities with summary of their DPR, manpower and highlighting concerns. Periodic progress monitoring of ongoing project / campaign jobs with updates as required highlighting concerns.


  • UZ Site Turnaround and Shutdown management
    • Consolidate and maintain the shutdown and production / injection requirement’s in individual projects in consultation with discipline engineers.
    • Follow-up and update readiness of projects to take up shutdown activities into the file with site requirements as per feedback of discipline engineer
    • Record all opportunity based project jobs, prepare shutdown work orders and dispatch accordingly. 
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling):