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Planning Engineer - Civil Engineer, DESCON Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Urea De-bottlenecking Project FERTIL

START Date: 
November, 2007
END Date: 
June, 2008


I was hired by this organization under the graduate hiring scheme. I was trained for the relevant company procedures and processes and then I

1.     Coordinate with discipline engineers in preparation of the detailed project plan, its activities aligning with the mechanical and electrical works team.

2.     Coordinating the detailed engineering design anddrawings for approved projects, material specifications, and detailed scope of work, technical specifications.

3.     Communicate status to general contractors, subcontractors, owners and other project team members via customizable industry standard reports.

4.     Coordinate labor, material, equipment and subcontractors to ensure on-schedule, on-budget completion.

5.     Create unlimited “what-if” scenarios to explore alternatives.

6.     Documented risks and calculate risk exposure values and impacts on the project's schedule, costs, and durations.

7.     Leverage best practices by using your templates and completed projects to build new projects.

8.     Perform earned value analysis by using past performance to predict a more accurate cost to completion.

9.     Review Contractor’s/Sub contractors Progress reports for accuracy of progress measurement by different progress monitoring techniques/software’s.

10.   Work with the Company Business Manager and Project Control Manager for day-to-day project control activities like preparation of manpower forecasts, various reports and presentations to the Management.

11.   Estimating and arranging material for all the activities well in advance, handled procurements, reviewed Contractor’s/Sub contractors Progress reports for accuracy of progress measurement by different progress monitoring techniques/software’s and verifying invoices.

12.   Coordinating with commercial department, providing technical assistance in sub-contractor selection and making comparative statements, cost and time impacts for subcontracted activities.

13.   Reserving the material required, estimating and arranging of the resources required during the turnaround, highlighting critical activities and equipment requirement schedule for the jobs.

14.     Observe and follow the Company’s policies addressed in Management Manual, QHSE, core & operating values and attending HSE meeting and trainings on regular basis.