Site Engineers/Supervision of Project, DPWH La Union, Supervised the Implementation of various project

START Date: 
January, 1982

1. PRIVATE PRACTITIONER         Luna La Union                                    Project Engr.                         2005-present


                 Contractor / Civil Engineer                                                               Project Manager





                1. Conduct Inspection at the job site for the proposed project.

                2. Preparation of bid documents for the proposed project.

                                2a. Estimate the project amount for the bid of the proposed project.

                                2b. Prepare the entire document for biddings from the start of the project up to the completion of                                        projects.

                3. Supervise the implementation of projects.



2. HG LOPEZ Construction and Engineering.  Balaoan La Union            Project Engineer                   1986-2005           








                1. Conduct ocular inspection / Engineering survey at the proposed projects.

                2. Prepared sketched / plans of the proposed project.

                3. Prepared bid documents for the project

                                3a. Prepared estimate for the proposed project

                                3b. Prepared documentation for the project (bid contracts and sketch)

                4. Implementation of projects- direct supervision of the projects (All kinds of projects)

                                4a. List the number of personnel of the Engineer log book to assure the schedule of the project will                                       be done in according to date of start to the date of completion.

                                4b. Check the number of personnel day by day basis including the materials needed to the project.

                                4c. As the project is going on, report to the management any problem encounter to made a possible                                                                      solution the soonest possible time.

                                4d. As a supervisor, maintain the workflow, the time frame and monitor the implementation of                                           projects so that the project will be completed ahead of time of the project targeted date of                                                   completion.

                                4e. Upon the completion of project, prepared documents for the completion of projects.


3. DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS AND HIGH WAY    SFDO City La Union             CE Aide II 1982-1984





                1. Conduct an ocular inspection of the proposed project site.

                2. Prepared a project report regarding the proposed project inspected to the Supervising Civil Engineer.

                3. Prepared the estimated amount of the project as well as the plan of the proposed project.

                4. As the proposed project have been documented. Implement the project as to the schedule or the time                          framed of the project.

                                4a. Take note the number of personnel at the job site.

                                4b. Inspects personnel day by day to insure the smooth implementation and if there will be a                                               problem arises report immediately to the supervising  Civil Engineer to made a possible solution                           the soonest possible time.

                5. As a project Engineer, maintain the workflow of the project, monitor and supervised the implementation of                projects and be assured that the time framed of the project is ahead of the time with the schedule of the                          target date completion .

                6. Prepared documents for the completion of projects.