Planner , Suncor Energy Inc, Forthills

START Date: 
September, 2014
END Date: 
June, 2016
Suncor is Canada’s premier integrated energy company, the fifth largest in North America and has aplace on the global stage as one of the largest independent energy companies in the world.(
  • Prepared and monitored engineering, procurement, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning interface schedules for Electrical Works within the Fort Hills project.
  • Coordinated with project teams to ensure reports on schedules, progress and resource requirements are provided on a timely basis.
  • Participated in review of engineering, procurement and construction schedules.
  • Updated and maintained the consolidated project master schedules, progress data and resources requirements.
  • Communicated and assisted directly with contractors regarding any reporting and/or scheduling issues.
  • Analyzed schedule, progress, work force data and provided recommendations for corrective action when necessary.
  • Summarized monthly progress information, workforce and commodity statistics.
  • Provided support to the Manager and Project Team on all progress, scheduling and resource/manpower planning issues.
  • Prepared corporate wide Project monthly report that is being distributed to the partner companies such as Total and top management teams.
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management): 
Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):