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Project Planning Engineer, USTAY Construction, Polypropylene and High Density Polyethylene Plant Project

START Date: 
December, 2016
END Date: 
September, 2017

USTAY Construction                                                from: 26 December 2016 up to 30 September 2017               


Position:  Project Planning Engineer


Project involved:

  • SOCAR PP-U&O and HDPE Projects

Polypropylene and High Density Polyethylene Plant Project.

  • Polymerization Area
    • Polymerization Building.
    • Polymerization Piperack.
    • Raw Material Handling.
    • Low Pressure Solvent Recovery.
    • Steam Condensate.
    • Ethylene Treatment.
    • Cooling Water Supply Return.
    • Solvent Branch Piperack.
    • Solvent Recovery Piperack
    • Ethylene Compressor
    • Flair Drum
    • Reactor Dump Tank
    • Powder Conveying Package
    • Nitrogen Purification Package
  • Interconnection Piperack Between Extrusion & Polymerization Piperacks.
  • Extrusion Area
    • Extrusion Building.
    • Extrusion Piperack.
    • Additive Storage.
    • Tower Crane.
    • Polymer Water Pit.
  • Organoleptic Area
    • Organoleptic Building.
    • Organoleptic Treatment
  • Blending Silo are
    • Blending Silo Building.
    • Pellet Conveying Package.
    • Blending Silo Piperack.
  • Bagging & Packing Silo Area
    • Bagging & Packing Building.
    • Bagging Silo Piperack.
  • Fire Water Valve House Area
    • Fire Water Valve House Building.
    • Fire Water Valve House Piperack.
    • UG Lines
  • Substation Area
    • Substation Building.
    • Control Room
    • Rack Room
    • Transformer
    • Substation Piperack
  • Catalyst Unloading Building
  • Catalyst Activator Building
  • Cooling Tower



Job Description:


  • Management / Construction plans at all levels
  • Plan, Report and control work schedule.
  • Weekly reporting of the work progress in accordance to the plan package i.e Plan against actual and its variances
  • Early warning of foreseeing area of concern to Project manager of any issue causing delay to the project
  • Critical path program analysis 
  • Weekly, Monthly and periodic 90 days Plan of Construction
  • Checking Daily Man Power and preparation of the daily report
  • Make a plan in P6 at all levels also in MS Project
  • Hard working under pressure with Planning team
  • Checking Construction Progress on a site
  • Updating schedule P6
  • Daily , weekly Photo Progress
  • Milestones Plan
  • Project Summary Schedules
  • Project Detailed Schedule
  • Baseline Schedule
  • Progress S-Curves
  • Updating Layouts
  • 90 Day Plan
  • Making Progress Payment
  • Quantity Surveying.
  • Steel Structure progress and making databases.
  • Pipe Racks progress calculations.
  • Piping prefabrication and erection works (shop weld, field weld, tack weld etc.) progress calculations.
  • Spooling works calculations from isometrics.
  • Making concrete data bases for actual and for drawing quantities and keeping under control for different of both.
  • Preparing equipment’s transporting and installation schedule for purchase.
  • Preparing schedule for electrical, earthing and finishing works and given progress.
  • Making micro schedule for critical works.
  • Calculating Underground works progress by quantities from drawings and given progress.
  • Making schedule and progress for Piping prefabrication, fabrication, site assembly and site erection works. Also for support fabrication and erection works.
  • Weekly & Monthly Achieved and Against  progress calculation & Preparing 28 days look ahead schedule for below works
    • Civil Works
  • Piling, Excavation, Foundation, Backfilling, Cast In Situ R.C. Structure, Building – Masonry, Paving – Concrete, Building – Finishing, Grouting - Steel Structures, Steel Sheets (Roofs / Sidings), Fire Proofing Steel Structure, Clean Agent System Installation, HVAC installation, UG Sys. - Pit/Trench/Pipe/Cable (UG), UG Sys. -Storm Water Drain(UG), UG Sys. - RC/HDPE/PVC/PP Lines (UG), UG Sys. - Earthing System - Strip Laying (UG) Works.


  • Steel Structure Works.
  • Steel Structure Assembly & Erection, Sec. Steel/Handrails/Ladders/Gratings Works.
    • Piping Works.
  • Piping - Sandblasting. & Primer, On Site Erection Piping >=2, On Site Support Erection, On Site Erection Piping <2, On Site Support Fabrication, Tie-Ins Works.
    • Mechanical Works.
  • Package Units, Heat Exchangers, ROTARY COMPRESSORS,VESSELS / SILOS, AUXILIARY STEEL STRUCTURE, Other Static Equipment’s, Loop Reactors, Extruder, Package Units-Pneumatic Conveying System - Equipment, Package Units - Pneumatic Conveying System - Pneumatic Haulage Piping, Static - Columns, Other Machinery Works.
    • Electrical Works.
  • Field Panels/Local Stations , Heating System, Lighting Systems, Substation Equipment (Common-60, HDPE-106nos.), Cathodic Protection Electrical work(UG), Distribution Transformer
    • Instrumentation Works.
  • Branch Cable Tray, Cabinets/J. B/L/P/Shelters, Main Cable Laying, Main Cable - Terminations, Branch Cable Laying & Termination, Instruments - Installation , Instruments - Calibration, Connections
    • Painting & Insulation Works.
  • Piping Painting Finishing Coats, Steel Structure & Piping Supports-Finishing Coats, Equipment Painting Finishing Coats, Insulation - Piping, Insulation – Equipment
    • Pre-commissioning
  • Pre-commissioning Activities
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling):