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In My Library

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Mike Testro
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I have an eclectic selection of books in my library including:

Approximate Estimating - by - Moira Less
Classical Guitarists & Drink - by - Segovia Carpet
Russian Strip Tease Artistes - by - Eva Vestoff
Controlling Alchoholism - by - Duncan Disorderly
Uncontolled Libido - by - Roger Ingham-Senseless

And there is another couple by Lucy Lastic and Ophelia Bristols but I can’t remember the titles.

Any More?

Best Regards

Mike T.


Neal Walsh
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I have a great book called ’Rusty Bed springs’ by

Darren Kosa
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Spooky, we must move in the same antiquarian circles although my library is aimed at work rather than hobbies :o)

Navigating the Construction Industry - by - I.C. Waters
An Insight into Project Planning - by - Anne Guish
Wembley. Building the National Stadium - by - Helen Back
A Guide to Carpet Fitting - by - Walter Wall
Mike Testro
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Hi Rafael

Only if you get re-measurement on completion.

But that is the punchline for the other QS joke.

Best regards

Mike T.
Rafael Davila
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Are you sure about the author of Approximate Estimating, I thought it was Xaviera Hollander.

Best regards,