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Change in construction direction

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Trevor R Bird
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I have a pipeline section (containing 10 linked activities) which was originally scheduled and baselined as follows:

Start KP 00000
Finish KP 10000
Start Date 1 Aug 2007
End Date 30 Sep 2007

Due to unforeseen circumstances at the planning stage we are now going to construct in the reverse direction, so the sequence of working will now be:

Start KP 10000
Finish KP 00000
Start Date 1 Aug 2007
End Date 30 Sep 2007

How do I enter progress against the original schedule?

I can find no way of indicating the location where work has commenced when it differs from the original start point of an activity. It appears to me that the activity progress function always assumes that progress commences at the originally defined start location and proceeds in the originally scheduled direction, unless an activity is split. Splitting an activity does not resolve the reverse direction of construction conundrum. The only solution I can see is to reschedule all activities in the reverse direction and compare that to the original baseline. Is there another (simpler) way of doing this?


Hubert Geier
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After creating the baseline, you could use the option Flip direction to change the direction of working.
Then Enter the progress. So there are 2 steps of adjusting plan to actual state.

However version 6 that was shown in Australia by end of 2007 should make this easier, as progress input is idenpendent from planned construction direction. Even work breaks and move arounds can be shown then.