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TILOS Reference Materials

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John Ralph
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Im a new user to TILOS and wondered could anyone recommend any books or demonstration material?
I would also be interested in exchanging ideas with any other users especially in the rail sector.


Ernani Garena
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Hello Tekin,

My email address is

Thank you in advance!



Tekin Guvercin
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Hi Ernani,

TILOS is integrated with ASTA Powerproect, Primavera, Microsoft Project and Excell. Both way integration work quite well. In your teritory CMCS is Autorized Partner of TILOS and they will definetly provide you how to use TILOS in your bussiness.

I have 50 pages of Document regarding Planning and Scheduling of Railway Maintenance Work with TILOS. I am happy to provide you free of charge please send me your email details I will send you.

If you cant find enought suport, please contact with DATCC,, I will ask someone to make you 1-2-1 TILOS demo and give you quick start up.

Please also see folowing link for TILOS demo


Ernani Garena
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Hello, I am using P6v7 in planning but I have seen some sample prinouts of schedule done in Tilos and I am curious how it works. Could you send me tutorial or any references for me to understand Tilos? I think it would be beneficial in cross checking works done in Primavera with Tilos. Thanks!

Philip Jonker
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Hi John, I am in the rail sector. If you need some help, I can send you some demo material, and have no problem exchanging ideas, contact me on the private message system and we can swop details. I am available on Skype and most internet forums. It would be interesting to chat about this. I have about 85 km of railway under construction, and give some tips. The other alternative is to approach ASTA directly for support as they have a very good interactive website. I would like to have a chat about experiences, anyway. Regards Philip