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Delay resource assignment

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Alexandre Faulx-B...
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Hello PPlanners and SP users,

I cannot find how to make a resource to start later than the activity start date;

for example, Activity A is 2 week long, Resource 1 will work 10 days, Resource 2 will only work the last 3 days;

Resource 1 and Resource 2 are part of Team 1 and Team 2 respectively; 

I do not want to split my activity into A and B with a FF link

Thank you for your help,



Rafael Davila
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The following schedule shows a case in which a critical resource assignment does not belongs to a critical activity [Activity 1] by definition of Critical Activity Float [start/finish/both] and does not belongs to a Longesth Path.

AF09A photo AF09A_zpsqsibighz.jpg

Rafael Davila
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I always found resource leveling on Strict Links unreliable. Look at the links table, it does not disclose a strict link was broken. I believe it is possible the links table value might be fixed as well as the resource leveling report that shall warn when a strict link was broken and suggest investigating on the links table.

I agree that at times what seems like a perfect solution can create more issues than those it solves. I believe the use of maximal lag to model strict links can create more problems, especially when using Monte Carlo because it can create multiple impossible links. Spider strict links are not perfect but they are a sensible solution to a difficult issue, with some expanded reports it is possible this approach can be improved.

StrictLinks08A photo StrictLinks08a_zpspdrhvwpv.jpg

After you identify the broken strict link you can figure out a fix as shown in next figure, a fix that did not increased project duration.

StrictLink09A photo StrictLink09A_zpsub8vr5fr.jpg

Hi Alxandre,

long time ago we decided to remove this functionality from Spider Project.

When it was available people created long activities with fractured resource assignments and it made project models smaller but much harder to analyze, a lot of information became not transparent and problems exceed benefits.

When additional resource is required the nature of work changes, in other case why it is needed at activity finish period? So it looks natural to split an activity but not only. Splitting may create gaps with the last portion of an activity is delayed when resources are limited and leveled. If we want an activity execution to be continuous the link between activity parts shall be strict (you may find this option in the link properties). In this case the gap will be avoided. Look at the picture below:

 photo Split1_zpsjqrm99wv.jpg


If you want to show an activity at one line just create and collapse the phase like in the picture below:

 photo Split2_zpsfnca7yts.jpg Regards, Vladimir

Rafael Davila
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Joined: 1 Mar 2004
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I know of no single software currently available that levels such condition, as soon as you apply a resource curve or its equivalent these resources are not leveled. This is not known by everyone and it is a dangerous situation that might led you believe the schedule was resource leveled, when in reality it was not.

You can fix the duration of each team but not when, it will be determined to be ASAP as per resource leveling algorithm.

Spider Team opted not to provide for such misleading option. If using manual leveling then using two activities will not make any difference.

Mike Testro
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Hi Alxandre

In Asta PowerProject you can just split the task into two sections on the same line and assign resources independatntly.

I can't see any other options other than splitting the bar unles you apply 70% of resource A and 30% of resource B.

That leads to the question who is working on the 14th day?

Best regards

Mike Testro