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How much should be planned?

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Carlos Arana
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Typical mexican concepts included in a budget are redacted this way:

"Procurement, Enabling and placement of steel"

Procurement is an activity, Enabling is another and Placement is another, each made by a different crew. But the budget concept includes the three of them in just one concept, "To ensure that there will be steel placed where it should be placed"

My question is if the "Procurement" activity should be included in the schedule.

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Carlos Arana
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But I have noticed that there are fields for "Supply" and "Consumption" in the materials table. How are these fields used?
Anything that takes time and uses resources shall be included in the project schedule.
More than that: Procurement results in appearing certain quantity of steel, Placement results in consuming another quantity of steel. If you will enter the quantity of material Steel with minus in Procurement and with plus on Placing you will get the reports on Steel flow. You will know when next procurement activity is necessary.
Creating cost and material centers you can select if to count only positive, only negative, or both values. So it will not prevent to get separate reports on material production, consumption, and flow.
You can also have separate cost components for material purchasing and cost. If material purchasing costs will be assigned to special Purchase activities you will get the reports on the project cash flow that shows when money are spent if one of your cost centers will include purchasing costs and exclude material costs. If to exclude purchasing costs and to add material costs in another cost center you will get the report on money utilization.
Don’t forget to include in the Cost Center not only selected cost components but also all materials which costs shall be counted.
It may be useful for cash flow management if such task is actual.

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These fields in Materials table shows totals (supplied and consumed). These fields are calculated and cannot be modified manually.

Material consumption and supplies are defined for Activity, Resource, or Resource Assignment. Plus quantity means consumption, minus quantity means supply.
Material consumption (supply) can be defined as fixed (for activity or assignment), per unit of work volume (amount, like per m3), or per hour of work (for activity, assignment, or resource).

If you will assign materials to resources and assignments you will get the reports on materials consumed by each renewable resource.