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Sort order

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Carlos Arana
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Joined: 6 Jun 2009
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Good day,

How do I define the sort order for activities in the activity gantt?

It is sorted in the order I added activities, I want it sorted by Start date.


Carlos Arana
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Joined: 6 Jun 2009
Posts: 178
Thanks Rafael, it was ridiculously easy.
I looked into the help, clicked each menu and was getting desperate that my milestones were not organized by early start.
I was so mentalized with the "Organize" button from P3 that it did not occur to me that you could just right click a column to sort.
Rafael Davila
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You can sort by any activity field by right clicking on the title of the field column, it will sort hierarchically within each WBS phase, you will keep your WBS Phases, but it cannot be undone. Therefore I recommend first creating a new WBS Definition and then doing your sorting, in this way you will have access to your initial sorting under another WBS. You can name your new WBS Definition same as initial WBS plus “Sorted by Start Date”, if from MAIN WBS then it would be called “MAIN WBS – Sorted by Start Date”.

Another option would be to create new user fields to define various sorting order and have instant access within the same WBS.

Try with a sample job and use the method that best fits your needs or preferences.

My preference is to sort by early date and then change/adjust activity codes to follow the sequence of my sorting order. In this way I can easily find my activities by activity code.

Another thing to remember is that in Spider Project to move activities you use cut and paste, drag and drop is not implemented in Spider as it is error prone especially if moving to a far location.