Calculated time vs duration

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I have for example a safety valve which has to be replaced and calculated the disassembly and assembly time for example to be 2 hours.

My colleague scheduler says he always sets the duration for this activity to 10 hours (in this case the length of a shift), because he is only interested in the fact that the work on the safety valve is done on a specific day during this shift and not exactly in which 2 hours it is done.

Is this good practice ? Why ? (or why not)


No, it is not best practice.

Best practice includes assigning resources to project activities and calculation of resource constrained schedule based on volumes of work to be done and assigned resource productivities. Activity duration shall be calculated and resources optimized.

Activity duration does not depend on assigned resources only for few activity types.

Duration based schedules may be used only if the job will be done by someone else and the schedule is used for contract execution analysis.

Shutdown projects are usually planned at least in hours (better in minutes) because delays cost a lot. Good schedule optimizes resource usage and minimizes project duration.