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Anna Mercier
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Does your tool have built-in worflows?



Rebecca Leadbitter
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Hi Anna,

Apologies for the late reply!!

Alexandre is right, the tool has had workflow capacity in it since 2003 but it has somewhat been improved since Sciforma 4.0 and now with Sciforma 5.0.


Previously, workflow was for documents and issues and also for timesheet approval.


The same technique for documents and issues has however now been extended to projects themselves, allowing you to manage the project cycle right from the beginning, be that a demand or directly a project idea.


Sciforma 5.0 provides some standard workflows but customers are free to adapt them to their own working practises. You can set the system up so that certain types of project follow one workflow and certain types of project follow another one. For example, if you're just managing simple projects, you may not want them to have to jump through the same amount of loop wholes as a very large project.

The beauty of the system is, is that you can manage all of these different project types within the same system so that top management and decision makers are still getting a consolidated and global vision of all the projects.

One more thing, you can link up email notifications to all of the steps in the workflow if you wanted to.


Do contact me if you would like to receive more information or have any specific questions relating to this topic!


Kind regards,


Alexandre Faulx-B...
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yes built-in workflow is available in Sciiforma almost since the beginning in 2003; very easy to use, including a forum


Mike Testro
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Hi Anna

Mine does - but only in one direction.

Best regards

Mike Testro