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XER WBS import errors

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Andrew Watts
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Has anyone encountered errors when importing a WBS IDs into Primaverea Risk Analysis (PRA). What should read
C512-R45/P2.0.010-001.2 (P6)
is reading
C512-R45/P2.0.010-001.0280 (PRA)

It is as if PRA is ignoring the data in the XER file and just auto-incrementing the last 4 numbers as "0280" does not exist in the XER file - I have checked in Notepad.  The correct data is also available in the XER it is just that PRA is not using it. 

Levels 1 and 2 import correctly - it is 3 onwards that it just whimsically assigns WBS IDs to. Any ideas?
I have tried getting the planner to export v6 and v7 XERs. There are no user fields with the correct ID in either.

All the task IDs import correctly.


Dennis Hanks
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Andrew; Yes. I create a UDF called, appropriately enough, PRA_WBS and sort on that. There may be better ways, but that's what I use. Good luck. I use it, even when I use direct import/link. PRA does not look at WBS coding the way I do. Not sure we have the same situation, but a UDF may solve your problem.