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New Rate applicable

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Balachandran Kand...
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Dear Sir,
The New Rate applicable in additional work,in that project contract period is finish and additional work not in the contract limit.

please advice



Samer Zawaydeh
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Unless you have something better to do with your resources, this is a great opportunity to make money.

This is considered as a variation order, even if the project is complete, you still have the Defect Notification Period. During this time, the employer can ask you for more work and this is invoiced in the final invoice.

The best course of action is to submit you actual costs and ask for the profit and overhead. The Engineer will not object in this case.

With kind regards,

Mike Testro
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Hi Balachandran

Are you saying that you are being asked to do extra work under a contract that has been completed?

If so the work is not an extra under the original contract but is a new and seperate agreement.

You do not have to do it unless you agree costs and time in a new negotiation.

Best regards

Mike Testro